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Wherefore Grape Curate?

We admire wine growers who do things simply because it is often the most difficult, and because it always gives the best results.

They convince us that sustainability is not high-brow. It is, in fact, quotidian.

They are the people we work with: sworn protectors of the soil, devout scribes of the vines. Their cellar is a gate from which distinctive wines with unimpeachable conscience emerges, every one traceable to their origin, variety and maker — without apology.

Their wines exhibit elemental deliciousness, every cuvée sui generis, free from guise and guile, a wellspring of liminal energy that alternately slakes and inspires thirst.

If you care about truth, meaning and conviction, you will cherish these marvellous produce made by small people with big talents, and even bigger hearts.

Welcome to Grape Curate, where culture concurs with nature, and good taste meets good conscience. The cutting edge is here.

“In all rites, simplicity is better than extravagance.”


Selected bottles from our portfolio

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